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BSides Nairobi Team
09:00 AM
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Opening Remarks

BSides Nairobi Team
09:10 AM
TO 09:55 AM

Building Impenetrable IoT Systems with Security by Design

Felix Masigwa:
Cybersecurity Advocate | Exploring the Fusion of Robotics and IoT Hello, world! I am Felix Masigwa, a dedicated cybersecurity student at Kabarak University, with a fervent passion for both robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT). Embracing the spirit of innovation, I am on a mission to pave the way for secure and seamless integration of these transformative technologies.
Talk Brief:
Explore ‘Building Impenetrable IoT Systems’ at BsidesNairobi! Learn cutting-edge strategies to safeguard IoT from breaches, fortify networks, and secure your digital future. Don’t miss this transformative session
09:55 AM
TO 10:40 AM

From Likes to Leaks: Understanding Modern Social Platforms Pwn Tactics

I am a passionate Offensive Security Researcher, specializing in Mobile Application Security and ARM Binary Exploitation with 5+ years’ experience adept at performing mobile application security assessments and vulnerability research on Android userland & kernel components. I am also a Software Developer with vast skills in Android, Web, and API development as well as designing and building systems to the production level, maintaining application updates, scaling, automating infrastructure, managing documentation, integrating project technical aspects, and relaying the un-relatable technical information to the non-technical members. I also enjoy creating and solving mobile-based CTF challenges, taking on real-life challenges involving Mobile Security and Research, Reverse engineering malicious mobile-based software, and Nation-State spyware artifacts.
Talk Brief:
We’ll delve into the alarming world of social platform hacking, learning about cybercriminals’ tactics to hack into your social platforms, impersonate, extort, and eventually breach your data. You’ll discover strategies to fortify your online presence, making it a formidable challenge for attackers
10:40 AM
TO 11:25 AM

Intelligence Driven Cyber Defense

Kevin Kanyi:
Current Role:Global Head of Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunting @M-KOPA Cyber Defense Consultant (7+ years). Travel enthusiastic, F1 fun, your cyber defense plug.
Talk Brief:
Traditional Cyber Security Strategies and Security Programs are failing to provide an effective defense against breaches. Adversaries are adopting and actioning sophisticated tradecraft for successful breach operations. This talk will cover modern-day defense to counter modern-day adversaries
11:25 AM
TO 11:50 AM

Kenyas' Ministry of Defense Representative:


Talk Brief:
Protecting the Kenyas's cyberspace sovereignty and territorial integrity.
11:50 AM
TO 12:30 PM

PrivacyOps: A Segue to Privacy Operations Center (POC)

Cephas Okoth MJ:
Data Protection Consultant. PrivacyOps Promoter. All Things Country!
Talk Brief:
Privacy is a decade behind security. Making privacyops a recently growing practice. But what if we look beyond it, extend it to a more formal and proper setup, the Privacy Operations Center (POC); to detect, monitor, respond to privacy incidents and manage technical privacy implementation?
12:30 PM
TO 1:10 PM

Cloud Security as a Ransomware Shield: Mitigating Data Breaches in Kenya

Ian Peter:
I am a Computer Science student with a focus on Cybersecurity, currently serving as a Cybersecurity Development Intern at Jacaranda Health. I hold an eJPT certification and have a strong background in Scripting and Penetration Testing. I am also a GDSC Lead in Cybersecurity and a Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador.
Talk Brief:
Explore the critical role of cloud security in preventing data breaches, with a focus on ransomware. Learn from real-world Kenyan case studies and engage in hands-on demonstrations to understand how cloud-based solutions can be your organization’s best defense.
1:00 PM
TO 2:00 PM
2:00 PM
TO 2:40 PM

Tracking Ransomware Like A Bloodhound

Mrima Moses:
I'm Mrima, a cybersecurity enthusiast deeply passionate about reverse engineering, malware analysis, and threat intelligence. I also have 2.5 years of experience in the software engineering scene. I enjoy spending my time tracking ransomware gangs and their activities, currently working on a tool to streamline this process. Beyond tech, I am a huge black metal fan.
Talk Brief:
Supercharge your detection engineering, incident response and threat hunting strategy with ransomware threat intelligence. How to leverage free and open source tools to track and profile ransomware gangs. Explore a real ransomware infection chain from initial access to exfiltration/encryption.
2:40 PM
TO 3:20 PM

Data Breach Resilience: Integrating Product Security and Incident Response

Alex Munene:
I’m a cyber security professional with over 3.5 years of experience, with a rich history in conducting security assessments across various sectors in East Africa and Europe. I have received global recognition for my contributions to bug bounty programs by giants like Oracle, Yahoo, and Adobe. In 2021, I founded Hueristiq, an initiative focused on refining and innovating security assessment tools. I posses a comprehensive skillset, ranging from programming, penetration testing, cloud security and application security to DevSecOps.
Talk Brief:
Unlock the secrets to data breach resilience! Dive deep into the fusion of product security and incident response to safeguard your organization’s digital assets. Join me to explore proactive defenses, swift recovery tactics, and cultivate a security-first mindset. Fortify. Respond. Thrive.
3:20 PM
TO 4.00 PM

Machine Learning For Blue Teams

Brayan Kai Mwanyumba:
Brayan Kai is a Data Scientist Passionate about Communities, Technical Writing and Open-Source Advocacy. He currently volunteers at different developer communities across Africa including Google Crowdsource, Open-Source Community Africa, She Code Africa, PyLadies Ghana and Dev Careers. All this owing to his strong passion for supporting fellow upcoming technologists, women in tech and advocating for inclusion and diversity. He calls this his personal mission. It makes him happier, more balanced, and gives him a stronger sense of purpose to innovate, share, and teach in and with the community rather than just for it.
Talk Brief:
In this talk I’ll share how to identify potential threats and take automated action by using data science and machine learning. You’ll learn how to identify malware, detect suspicious network activity, and trigger automated responses, and save more time to devote to complex tasks.
4:00 PM
TO 4:40 PM

CTF Awardees

BSides Nairobi Team

Talk Brief:
In this session, we'll give a brief overview of the cyber challenge, the award process and finally award the BSides Nairobi 2023 Cyber Challenge winner.
5:00 PM
TO 5:10 PM

Closing Remarks

BSides Nairobi